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Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Initiative May 10, 2011

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A Ceremony, Goldman Sachs 10,000 businesswomen graduation celebration, was held on 5/9/2011 in Gymnasium of AUAF. The target of this event was to celebrate graduation, business exposition, and awarding of certificates to the 2011 graduates of 10,000 women. The host of this ceremony was The American University of Afghanistan, which has provided this opportunity to train Afghan women in different business fields

Goldman Sachs is an international business and management training program which operates in more than 20 countries. The program teaches about 10,000 underserved women to develop the quality and capability of business education. In addition, Investing in education for women leads to more productive workers, healthier and better-educated families, and ultimately to more prosperous communities. The program teaches in different business fields such as: market research, accessing capital, accounting, strategic planning, e-commerce, writing business plans, and marketing. (www.auaf.edu.af)

The Goldman Sachs ceremony was one of the most fascinating ceremonies in which guests from outside AUAF campus were invited. At 10:00 AM, the ceremony started by playing music, Afghan Anthem, and showing some photos of Goldman Sachs teaching programs and activities from both inside and outside the AUAF campus. Afterward, a provided movie of 10,000 businesswomen was played to the audience. Dr. Sharif Fayez, Founder of AUAF and former Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Michael Smith, President of AUAF, Ms. Hasina Mahboubi, Goldman Sachs Graduating Class Representative, Ms. Malalai Jawad, President of Goldman Sachs Alumni Association, and Tamara Myatt, Goldman Sachs Initiative, welcomed the guests to the ceremony, and gave brief information about Goldman Sachs program. They appreciated this program because it leads afghan women to more prosperous communities.

The ceremony seemed more attractive by exhibiting the handmade items. During the ceremony, there were handmade and decorative items, but for sale. The decorative and handmade items were: woven carpets, rags, Afghani cultural clothes, cloaks, arts and etc. in addition, the breakfast and lunch was also provided for guest outside the campus, but not for AUAF members. In conclusion the event was really exciting, and at the end of the ceremony the year 2011 graduated women were awarded.


AUAF-Motley Legal Internship Program for summer 2011

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Motley legal internship program was held on 5/5/2011 in large conference room, Bayat Building, AUAF. The target of this program was to describe a brief introduction about Afghanistan Law and and the difference between Afghanistan Law and USA Law. The presenter of this event was Ms. Kimberley Cy Motley, Partner at Motley Legal Company.

Motley legal Service (MLS) is committed to the continues development of Afghanistan’s Legal Education Community. Under the supervision of MLS it is offering a unique opportunity for hands on legal experience through for credit internships and externships at MLS. The opportunity will provide highly competitive career opportunities, enhance business development and professionalism, and will work towards assisting in enhancing rule of law for Afghanistan and abroad in the global market. (Flyer given during the event)

The event was held within the participation of some of instructors from Political Science Department of AUAF. There were about 20 students from different majors participating in this event. They had a good time, and asked lots of questions during the event. In addition, some pictures of Afghan and foreign prisoners who were jailed in Pul-e-Charkhi Prison, their identity and crime were described to the audience. Some of them were killers, Smugglers, Kidnappers and like that. Currently, Ms. Kimberley is investigating for/against these criminals. She said that investigation is really challenging, but also interesting. It is interesting because when she investigates, she learns new things, and that is what she likes.

At the end of the event, Ms. Kimberley gave her ID card which contained her company address, phone numbers and E-mail addresses. She illustrated that how we can make contact with her, and the possibilities that how to apply for her company. In addition, she talked about the job qualifications as:

  • American University of Afghanistan Student
  • 2 second year students from faculty of Political Science
  • 1 second year student from faculty of Business Administration
  • 2 or 3 students who have at least one year experience of work with International Companies and individual working in Afghanistan and abroad.
  • 3.0 or above GPA
  • Bilingual in reading and writing English and Dari
  • Familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel.

How to Position Yourself for Future Career Opportunities? April 27, 2011

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A discussion was held on 4/16/2011 at library of The American University of Afghanistan. The target of this meeting was to give some specific information about careers in business, and improving one’s own business. The speakers of the discussion were Mr. Mustafa Kazem and Mrs. Zarmina Hashemi-Kazim.

Mr. Mustafa Kazem is graduated from George Mason University, and got his B.S degree in Finance & Accounting. He has worked in International Consulting Company, and right now working as a Managing Director of Afghan Growth Finance, Small Enterprise Assistance Funds. In addition, Ms. Zarmina Hashemi is graduated from university of California, and got her B.A degree in Economics and Molecular Biology. She has also gotten M.B.A degree from London Business School. She has worked in Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and currently working as a Country Officer in International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group.

Both of the guests gave new and significant information about business administration. They talked about how we can become a good leader for a company, improve our own business, make deals and find a good job. In addition, we need to know some necessary things for becoming a leader. For example, we need to take the risks of being a leader, have a personality, acquire people’s believe, make good communication with them, be patient and so on. Furthermore, whenever we want to take a new job, we have to be formal like: wear formal cloths (suite) and be on time. Our C.V (curriculum Vitae) should be no longer than two pages. It does not matter if the C.V is PH.D or a simple one. These were some of the information that Mr. Kazem and Mrs. Zarmina gave us during their speeches.

The event was both interesting and important for business students. There was much important information that Mr. and Mrs. Kazem discussed. The speeches were an hour long, and most of the students asked many questions from different fields in business. At the end, Mr. and Mrs. Kazem gave their contact details and said that they will hire and help AUAF students to their company with high posts.


The Nawroz Party

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A party was held on 3/29/2011 by the Student Government Association (SGA) of AUAF. The purpose of holding this party was to celebrate New Year’s first day which is called Nawroz. According to Afghanistan’s calendar, Nawroz is a national holiday, and is the first day of Hijiry Shamsy’s (H.S) year. In addition, Nawroz is a cultural day, and it is being celebrated every year by Afghan people in all around Afghanistan.

Nawroz’s party was held at gymnasium of AUAF. Joining this party was free for each AUAF member. About 200 or 300 students including AUAF stuff members and some instructors participated in it. The musicians were local people, and they both played and sang national Afghan songs. The good point was that the viewers were able to order their favorite songs. They musicians sang both Farsi and Pashto songs, and also some of the students danced for national music, Attan, which was played at the end few minutes of the party.

The party was organized very well. It was two hours long, from 6:00 pm to 8: pm, and was scheduled by every few minutes (the time for welcoming, music, dinner break, and dance was specified); therefore the members were able to know what was happening next. In addition, the dinner was free for everyone, and members didn’t need to go outside or have dinner somewhere else.

In conclusion, the party was very interesting, and this was the first time that AUAF held such party for the New Year. All the members had enjoyed in participating in it, and they hoped such parties to be held in every coming year. We all thanks Student Government Association for bringing this opportunity, and letting us celebrate our cultural day, Nawroz.


Business Association Meeting

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The business association meeting held on Sunday 2/7/2011 at The American University of Afghanistan. The target of this meeting was to encourage students to participate in international business meetings such as: chamber of commerce and original trade conferences. Participating in this meeting was important for those students who are studying business. These meetings will help students participate in international business meetings.

Business association meetings are helpful for students of business department. These meetings will help them to participate in international business meetings, make contacts, and share ideas with other business people. The instructor of this meeting was Professor Dale W. Larson, Assistant Professor of Economics, and another instructor of business department from AUAF. In addition, students who have joined business association club will get invitations to international business meetings from AUAF, and AUAF will give this opportunity of 3 or 4 day travel to the expert students of the meeting.

The business association meetings will have some certain rules .these meetings will be held every Sunday. Every student has the right to participate in it. Every student will get assignments and for the coming day they will discuss about their assignments and researches in class. The assignments will be about different issues. For example, the weakness of economic of Afghanistan, the competition of neighbor countries with us, the issue of chamber of commerce, and many more issues. Student will have discussion about business and “competition of case studies” during the meeting in class.

3/7/2011 was the first day of business association meeting. In first day the instructor just discussed about the system of the meeting. It was my first time that I joined this meeting. It was interesting for me, and I decided to continue visiting such meetings. In addition, we got some assignments for the next meeting that every student should bring information about the issue of chamber of commerce in different cities like: Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Istanbul, Mumbai, New Delhi, and etc. The next meeting will be our first meeting season, and I wish I handle it very well.


Debate Club

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On the 2/10/2011 there was a conference at American University of Afghanistan. The aim of this conference was to encourage students to join Debate Club. In this club students will develop their public speaking skills, critical thinking and research skills, and the ability to easily organize information. Joining this club was interesting for me. All members were from both FSP (Foundation Studies Program) and UG (Undergraduate Students) classes. In this club all the students were encouraged to join it.

International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) established the debate club program for the first time in Afghanistan in June, 2010.  In 2010, a competition of best public speaking skills was held between the universities of Kardan, Karwan and Bakhtar, and in that competation a student from Kardan University won the first position as a best public speaker in all around Kabul. In addition, holding the conference and developing the debate club inside the AUAF was important. That’s why our university started this process to help AUAF students to acquire those skills.

The system of debate club is introduced as the British Parliamentary Debate (BPD) system. The following topics are chosen for debate club:

  • Government should never rescue failing private industries.
  • Doctors should be required to report all suspected cases of the domestic violence.
  • The Olympics should be permanently housed in the city.
  • Citizens who do not vote in elections should be fined as in done in Australia.
  • Embedding journalists in war zones should end.
  • Television is more important than the computer in modern society.
  • Winning is less important than learning of improving skills.
  • Cruelty should be met with kindness.
  • It is better to have time to enjoy what one likes than to have money.

In AUAF, the debate club requires at least 10 students, 2 meetings at February, and then 2 meetings per month. In the first term of debate club AUAF didn’t have capable students to join the debate club, but for the coming debate club which is in fall of 2011, AUAF will train students. And this time the competation will be between 4 additional universities included Bulkh University, Herat University, AUAF in, Kabul University, and 7 other school. This debate will be a National Championship.