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A letter to freshmen April 30, 2011

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University Success class was very interesting and important class for preparing us to undergraduate program. It thought us whatever we expected from this course. Whenever we were making mistakes in our assignments or submitting them late, we were losing points instead. It was a policy for our class. It helped us to study harder and learn from our mistakes. In addition, there were very important lesson that we learned in this course such as:

  • Avoiding test anxiety
  • Speaking in public
  • Saving time, and realizing our black holes (time wasters)
  • our learning strategies
  • being proud of my ethnic
  • how and how to make a decision

These were the lessons that have ever heard.

As I see positive changes in my learning strategies, social behavior, and becoming mindful with spending my time, I recommend University Success course for every student who wants to be successful either at university or future life. This program is known as and a requirement for university student and it will be good for every student to enroll in it.