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A letter to freshmen April 30, 2011

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University Success class was very interesting and important class for preparing us to undergraduate program. It thought us whatever we expected from this course. Whenever we were making mistakes in our assignments or submitting them late, we were losing points instead. It was a policy for our class. It helped us to study harder and learn from our mistakes. In addition, there were very important lesson that we learned in this course such as:

  • Avoiding test anxiety
  • Speaking in public
  • Saving time, and realizing our black holes (time wasters)
  • our learning strategies
  • being proud of my ethnic
  • how and how to make a decision

These were the lessons that have ever heard.

As I see positive changes in my learning strategies, social behavior, and becoming mindful with spending my time, I recommend University Success course for every student who wants to be successful either at university or future life. This program is known as and a requirement for university student and it will be good for every student to enroll in it.


Journal Reflection 9 (Chapter 8) April 27, 2011

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What Sort of Memory Do I have and Want?

  1. What kinds of information do you remember best: faces, shapes, colors, smells, names, dates, or facts? Why do you think this is?

Remembering the shapes, smells and facts is one of my habits. Fact is something that cannot be forgotten. As people say that fact is fact and we can’t change it. I don’t have any reason for why am I remembering smells and shapes, but it is my ability that I can recognize something well, or the thing that I have seen it for the first time in my life.

  1. What kinds of information do you have the greatest difficulty remembering? Why do you think this type of information is hard for you to remember?

Sometimes, when my parents ask me for some grocery to buy, I forget that soon. When I hear speeches which do not relate to me or are not important, in that case I forget them in brief. The reason is that I don’t concentrate and focus of unimportant words.

  1. Is there any particular source of information about which you can remember exceptional amounts, such as baseball records or movie trivia? Why do you think you remember this information so effortlessly?

Yes, remembering movies’ scenes are my habits. I remember the scenes of whatever movies I have seen before. Sometimes, I remember most of their dialogs. The reason is that movies are really interesting, and we can keep interesting dialogs and scenes in our mind. However, when some movies are not interesting for us, we cannot remember their scenes very well because that is something we don’t like to keep them in mind, and we do not show more interest in them.

  1. Do you use any memorizing technique now? Have you ever tried any in the past?

I have never used any memorizing technique, but whenever I find something that should be kept in mind, I try to notice that carefully, and repeat that speech or event in my mind, until memorizing it. It is my secret that I keep new information in my mind.

  1. Suppose scientists devised a “memory drug” that would allow you to remember everything to which you were exposed. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of such a drug? Would you be likely to use it?

No, memory drugs will be something that remembers me my past. The past times that I spent both in good and bad situations, the bitter memories that I had in the past. I want to forget whatever happened in past, and want to start a new life from this time. I know I don’t have a good past; it is good to forget everything. Past is past, I cannot go to change that, but I can bring some changes in my future. I can change my future, and don’t want to remember my past. The memory drag will give me only sad feelings, but not happiness.


Journal Reflection 8 (Chapter 7)

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How I Feel about Writing

  1. When I receive a writing assignment, my initial reaction is…

I don’t write my assignments in instant, but I postpone it for another time. Writing is boring for me, because it takes too much time to think about something that we do have information about that. It is really something that I have never gotten used to it, nor have I done it.

  1. Do you ever write for pleasure? When? Under what circumstances?

Sometimes when the instructor asks for a narrative story or free writing (not caring about grammar, spelling and punctuation), I will write it in a second. Free writing or narrative stories are something that their supporting details are already in my mind, and I don’t need to think about them. That’s why I can write that in brief.

  1. Which writing experiences are particularly pleasant for you? Which are unpleasant?

As I mentioned before free writing are the most pleasant writing for me. It is both easy and beneficial to do free writing, because it will help me to create new ideas, and increase my writing ability. However, the writing like “Analyzing reasons” is one of the writing that I don’t like. It is something that needs too much thinking to write, specially, in writing essays.

  1. Are you particularly good at finding ways to put off writing tasks? Do you do anything to prevent this?

Writing assignments are obligatory for us. There is the one we can make ourselves fool, that we delay our writings for next time. However, for the next time when we try to write, it becomes more challenging to write.

  1. Writing experts believe that the very act of writing can help one think better, why would this be true about writing? Have you ever experienced the phenomenon?

It is fact, writing too much can help us to create new and more Ideas, think more, and expand our brain in different parts of life. By writing as more as possible, we can discover information which are out of our mind. I have experienced this phenomenon. On my first days of coming to this university, I was unable to write even a paragraph in an hour because I didn’t have the experience for writing. However, after studying one semester F.S.P, I was able to write even many paragraphs in an hour. From this experience I got that by writing more we can develop our mind, and learn more.


Journal Reflection 7 (Chapter 6)

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My Reading Preferences

  1. Do you read for pleasure? If so, what do you read (e.g., magazines, newspapers, novels, humor, short stories, nonfiction, illustrated)?

I don’t like reading books, but I have to read them. Reading books are boring for me, but sometimes they are interesting. I like to read either story books, or nonfiction books. The story books are interesting to be bread because they are just stories, and nonfiction books are describing facts, they are the books which can bring a real change in one’s life.

  1. What makes a book enjoyable? Have you ever read a book that you “couldn’t put down”? If so, what made it so good?

The facts, truth, good examples, and interesting stories make a book enjoyable. Two the most interesting books I have ever read are “River God” and “Abraham Lincoln”. These were the only books which made me tragedize. The stories of both books were fact. The River God book was about life-story of an Egyptian slave, Teta, who spent his whole life in service of his queen. On the other hand, The Abraham Lincoln book was about his life, and his rise to the presidency of USA.

  1. What is the most difficult book you are reading this semester? Why is it difficult? Are you enjoying it?

As it is my first semester in university, I don’t have any problem in my subjects. All the books are easy, but the only problem that I have in subjects is College Algebra. I know all the solution of problems, but there are some types of problems that make me so confused, and those are application problems. Application problems are the types of problems that need more thinking, and they are like puzzle. These types of problems are enjoyable whenever I find their solutions

  1. Think about when you read for pleasure compared to when you read material for a class. How does the way you read differ between the two types of material?

Reading for pleasure are more interesting then reading the assignments or material for class because reading for pleasure are the readings which we choose by ourselves, and we are interested in reading them. However, reading material for a class is rarely interesting because those readings are obligatory, and either they are interesting or not, but we have to read them.

  1. Do you think there should be a different between reading for pleasure and reading for a class?

In my idea, there must be no difference between the two above readings because both types of readings are for acquiring more information, and developing our knowledge. Sometimes they can be boring, but we don’t have to let ourselves feel bored.


Journal Reflection 6 (Chapter 5)

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How I Feel about Tests

  1. How do you fell about tests in general?

Whenever I give exam, so I feel that it would be challenging. Not only me, but every student has a feeling of anxiety, whenever he or she gives exam. The reason is that we are being worried about the types of question. Maybe the questions will be hard, or sometimes easy, but we can’t make ourselves sure %100 to feel free.

  1. What are your first memories of being in a testing situation? What were your feelings, and why?

I remember the time when I gave my first few exams. I wasn’t afraid of any exam; neither was I preparing for it. The reason was that the lessons were easy and we didn’t need to study hard or prepare for the exams.

  1. What make a test “good” and “bad” from your perspective?

Being too much worry about the exam, not being prepared for it, guessing that the exam will be hard, all of it causes bad exams. Not being worried about exams, studying hard for it will make you feel positive about the exam, and you will have a good exam.

  1. What factors contribute to your success or failure on a particular exam? Which of these factors are under your control?

Everything is in my control, but it is my fault that sometimes I think that the exam will be easy, and then the result shows something different. There is no factor that stops me from my success, except my own emotions. Whenever, I get angry, or sad, or sometimes my own happiness stops me from preparing for exam.

  1. What strategies do you use when taking test to maximize your performance? Which have been particularly effective, and why?

I don’t use any special strategy to maximize my performance. I just study in the night before the exam’s day. That preparation keeps me prepared for exam. I don’t have any reason for my habit, but I got used to it, and I feel comfortable to be in my own style.


Journal Reflection 5 (Chapter 4)

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How Do I Take Notes?

  1. Describe your typical notetaking techniques in a few sentences. Do you try to write down as much of what the instructor says as possible? Do you tend to take only a few notes? Do you often find you need more time to get things down?

I would like to take short notes as much as possible. For me it is too hard to write down all the lectures that the teacher gives us. My notetaking style is clustration (writing key words) and making lists, that I only write the main points. It is easy for me to take short notes and then read it at home. So it can help me both to understand and memorize the lecture in brief.

  1. Overall, how effective would you say your notetaking techniques are?

For me, my notetaking style is perfect. I can understand and remember every word that the instructor mentions. This type of writing style will help me to write as fast as possible. It is like a clue that no one else can understand it, but only me.

  1. In which classes do your techniques work best? Worst? Why?

Luckily, all of the classes that I have are lecture classes. I perform my writing style in all of the classes except college algebra, and I haven’t faced any problem till now. In my opinion, for me it is the best way to write in my own style, and I agree with it.

  1. Do your notes ever have “holes” in them-due to lapses attention or time when you couldn’t get down everything you wanted to? When do you usually discovering them? What do you do about them?

On that time I try to ask for my classmates’ notebooks or sometimes from my teacher to repeat whatever he mentioned during lecture. In our class, I am not the only person who takes notes, but my friends do too. Most of the time, we check and match our lectures that we couldn’t get down in class. Matching each others notes can help us to repeat and understand the notes we wrote in class, and we can solve our problems too.

  1. How might the process of taking notes help develop a deeper understanding of the material being discussed?

By taking notes we can remember whatever is mentioned in class. Written notes can help us read and memorize the whole lesson/lecture. Taking notes is an easy way of making the lecture as short as possible


Journal Reflection 4 (Chapter 3)

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How I Learn

  1. Would you rather read a newspaper, listen to the news on the radio, watch it on TV, or click your way through it on a Web site? Why do you think you have this preference?

I would like to watch news on TV because TV usually shows live news from all around the world. Beside this, news channels give different and interesting information from different countries of the world. Beyond the news, we can see and have information about the people of other countries, their social life, and their living circumstances. I also would like to prefer Web site news. It gives both latest and interesting news of the day. By Web page news, we can research more about the news and the details.

  1. When you get a new piece of software or a new tool, do you like to read the instructions or just “play with it” until you get the hang of it?

I would like to use the tool or software directly without reading its instruction, because I am not interested in reading the instructions, and it looks boring for me. However, I read the instructions in case of need. For example, when I face any problem in using the software or too, or sometimes when I want to know more about the product, I try to read the instruction.

  1. Suppose a friend is teaching you a new and complex procedure (such as a new game or the way to use a piece of computer software). Do you prefer to get the “Big picture” first or the details?

I prefer to get the “Big picture” first, because to understand the hole story of the program or game in brief. Getting “Big picture” helps me to know whatever the software or game is about, and it makes me able to understand the whole story. Sometimes by getting the “Big picture” I will be able to teach myself, and I won’t need someone else to teach me. If the instruction is about a computer program or a game, that would be so easy to understand by only learning the “Big picture”.

  1. When you’re in class, what do you do during lectures? Try to write down the instructor’s exact words, draw diagrams and make tablets, or jot down a few big ideas?

I got used to of taking short notes or some important points of the lecture. Taking short notes and main points are the easiest way to understand lectures. Most of the time, lecturers are giving lectures too fast, and students are unable to note all the points. On that time taking short notes is important. I prefer taking short notes more instructor’s exact words or writing the whole lecture. It can help to speed up my writing skills, and understand the lecture very well.

  1. What do your answers to the previous questions reveal about the way you prefer to learn new information?

Most of the time, I want to understand something by myself. I don’t know why, but from my childhood whenever anything like